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Types of Swimming Pools: Which one is right for you?


Putting in a swimming pool may have been an easy decision; but when it comes time to choose from types of swimming pools, many homeowners are unsure as to what is best for them. There are several things to consider: budget, land size, and lifestyle are all factors that come into play. Fortunately, our Temecula […]

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Choosing a Swimming Pool Shape


Freeform…geometric…negative edge? No, these aren’t embroidery techniques; these are types of swimming pool designs, and each one involves a specific shape. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a swimming pool shape; even if your pool is a purely functional feature, the shape still matters. In fact, the right shape can make a significant difference in […]

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Pool Contractors’ License Numbers


When you contact a swimming pool contractor, you will probably have numerous questions – not the least of which may be, “How can I tell how long this company has been in business?” The good news is, a swimming pool contractor’s license number tells his story. You can determine how long a contractor has been […]

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Infinity Pools: Are they Right for You?


Infinity pools, also known as negative edge pools, have taken the pool industry by storm. Their bewildering, attention-grabbing look, which resembles water extending into the horizon, is ideal for homes that are built on a hillside, overlooking a cliff, or near the ocean. How Does an Infinity Pool Work? When you look at the perimeter […]

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